Fisheye lenses

Theia's multi megapixel fisheye lenses for 360° camera applications such as top-down cameras used in small rooms.  The lenses can be used for sensors up to 12 megapixels (4K resolution) and offer high image quality at the edges of the image, just where this type of camera needs good resolution.  

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Theia offers several families high quality megapixel lenses designed to high image resolution standards. The use of aspheric lens elements and extra low dispersion glass types (ELD-glass) enable the unique features of each of Theia's lens families, be it ultra wide angle or short telephoto. Theia's process of precision engineering and prototype development and validation assure every lens shipped to our customers will be consistently high quality. Choosing the right lens for your application depends on many factors including field of view, required image resolution, day/night capability, and cost. To assist in lens selection, Theia offers an image simulator calculator that relates FOV, resolution, and object distance. We also offer many educational materials for a better understanding of the technology and selection of Theia's optimal lens for your application.