Theia's 4K mid focal range: TL410

Theia TL410 lens

Theia's standard focal range TL410 lens is designed for true 4K resolution.  This is the motorized version of the SL410 lens.  With varifocal length from 4-10mm and superior imaging performance, the TL410 can be used with image sensors from 1/2.3" up to 1/1.7".   It includes motors for zoom and focus, IR cut module, and limit indicators for zoom and focus ring positions (contact us for options with different motor configurations).  The lens is designed to be very compact so it can be used in small enclosures such as 4" domes and bullet style cameras.

Technical specification for TL410
  long form (v.190730)

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 TL410A R6TL410P R6
Iris typeDC autoirisP-iris
IR cut filterYes
Motorized focus/zoomYes
Focus/zoom limit indicatorYes, photo interrupter
Focal length4mm - 10mm
F/#F/1.4 to closed
ResolutionTrue 4K resolution, 12 megapixels
Mount typeCS-mount or D25 board mount

For ease of evaluation of Theia’s motorized lenses we offer a lens motor control board. This can be controlled by USB, I2C, and UART connections. Find out more information at this page.

Theia's TL410 lens is designed to be very compact and better image performance compared to competitive products.  This lens is designed for small dome cameras (4" dome size) and bullet cameras.  

Similar to Theia's other lenses, the TL410 series is a high quality lens designed to allow the installer to take full advantage of the high resolution of 4K resolution, HD, and multi megapixel cameras.  The lens can be used on cameras up to 12 megapixel resolution giving a crisp image from edge to edge.  

TL410 drawing

TL410A R6 D25/
TL410P R6 D25
Fully motorized version, D25 mount
    3D CAD file (step 4.0MB) (v.170905)

TL410A R6/
TL410P R6
Fully motorized version, CS mount
    3D CAD file (step 3.3MB) (v.170905)

ML410A R5/ ML410P R5 (special)
Fully motorized, C-mount lens
Drawing (jpg)
CAD (4.3MB step file v.190403)