Optical design and custom lens manufacturing services

Theia Technologies offers optical engineering design services along with high-end lens manufacturing. We have worked with several large contractors and companies including BAE, Northrop Grumman, and large consumer electronics companies to design lenses to meet their specifications. We have a Japanese manufacturing partner as well as ITAR-compliant US partners. We can design and manufacutre prototype and low volume production, as well as high volume (>300k/month) production optics.

Design capability includes

  • patented Linear Optical Technology® for wide angle rectilinear lenses
  • normal wide angle lenses
  • fisheye lenses
  • telephoto lenses
  • telecentric lenses
  • varifocal lenses
  • zoom lenses, both manual and motorized

Design software includes

  • Code V (with translation into Zemax)
  • ASAP optical analysis
  • SolidWorks CAD
  • PowerPoint and other useful applications

Theia is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR).

DUNS #790296763


Theia's optical designers have combined 45 years experience with classical optics and illumination design. We have experience in visible and near infrared (NIR) design, aspheric optics, plastic optics, low dispersion, and high index glasses. In addition we can draw on optical, mechanical, and electrical design experience of our manufacturing partners.

Previous projects include neuromorphic binoculars for Northrop Grumman, hang-on-the-wall rear projection TV, LED illumination for video projectors, and numerous data video projectors including illumination and imaging.

Contact us to discuss your lens requirements. You can also send an email request to Theia at services@theiatech.com.