Distribution Partner

Become a Distribution Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Theia distribution partner. Theia prefers to work with distributors who focus on high resolution camera technology and who provide lens selection support and other advice to their customers. To become a Theia distribution partner and receive partner pricing, we ask that distributors sign a formal agreement, agree to purchase 10 lenses at a time (although some flexibility is possible), promote us on their website, sell under the Theia brand, attend our Big Picture™ training webinar and agree not to advertise at less than our retail price. We do not offer exclusivity in any market. You can find our other distribution partners covering your area on our Distributor Locator. To explore becoming a distribution partner, please contact us with your interests and tell us about your company.

Already a Theia Distributor?

If you are already a Theia distribution partner, please email us your orders, or to check price and availability, to request a quote, pro forma, or price schedule. Please be sure to include the precise model you require and the quantity desired. Also, let us know if there is a new shipping address, shipping account, or instructions we should use.