4K resolution telephoto lens: SL1250

Theia's true 4K resolution telephoto lens for long distance security surveillance and license plate recognition (LPR) applications.  With varifocal length from 12-50mm and superior imaging performance, the SL1250 is designed for image sensors from 1/2.3" up to 1/1.7".   The lens is designed to be very compact so it can be used in small enclosures such as 4" domes.  

Technical specification for SL1250 (v.170906)

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Theia SL1250 telephoto
Iris typeDC autoirisP-irisManual iris
Focal length12mm - 50mm varifocal
F/#F/1.8 to closed
Resolutiontrue 4K resolution, 12 MP
IR correctionYes
Mount typeCS-mount
Image sensor size1/2.3" up to 1/1.7"

Theia's SL1250 lens is designed to be very compact to fit into small spaces such as 4" domes.  This lens is designed for use on the new 4K box cameras for security and machine vision applications such as long distance fence line monitoring, license plate recognition (LPR) and other long distance security applications.  

The SL1250 versions are available with motorized or manual iris and CS mount whereas the sister TL1250 versions include motorized zoom and focus, photo interrupter limit switches, and board mount options.  

Similar to Theia's other lenses, the SL1250 series is a high quality lens designed to allow the installer to take full advantage of the high resolution of 4K, HD, and multi megapixel cameras.  The lens can be used on cameras up to 12 megapixel resolution (true 4K) giving a crisp image from edge to edge.