Theia's varifocal telephoto: SL940


Theia's 4K compatible varifocal telephoto lens can be used for long distance surveillance and license plate recognition.  It is designed for sensors such as 1/2.5" 5MP and 1/2.3" 4K resolution.  The excellent IR correction allows Day/Night operation without needing to refocus when switching to IR illumination.  The lens can be adjusted for focal lengths from 9-40mm for unobtrusive security.  

Technical specifications for SL940 (v.190429)

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Iris typeDC autoirisP-irisManual iris
Focal length9mm - 40mm
F/#F/1.5 to closed
Resolutionup to 5 megapixel, 4K compatible
IR correctionYes
Mount typeCS-mount

Similar to Theia's other lenses, the SL940 is a high quality lens designed to allow the installer to take full advantage of the high resolution of HD and multi megapixel cameras. The lens can be used on cameras up to five megapixel resolution giving a crisp image from edge to edge.

The lens is IR corrected for use with true Day/Night cameras. This IR correction focuses IR light from artificial illumination at the same plane as the visible light allowing the image to remain in focus when the Day/Night camera switches to night mode. Unlike lenses without IR correction, the night image will not be out of focus when using IR illumination.

The lens is available in a motorized version.  See the TL936 overview for motorized zoom and focus options.