Ultra Wide, No Distortion Lens: MY23F

  • Ultra wide, no barrel or fisheye distortion
  • Uses patented Linear Optical Technology®
  • 2.3 mm focal length
  • Up to 12 megapixel resolution, 200lp/mm
  • NIR corrected. Does not have an IRC filter; if you require one please contact us
  • For 1/1.8" sensor sizes or smaller
  • *SY23F (CS mount) and MY23F-M12 (M12 mount) possible for high volume requirements
  • Comes with a thumb screw as well as an optional set screw and wrench

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Iris Type Fixed Iris
Focal Length 2.3mm
F/# F/2.2
Resolution up to 12 mpx
IR Correction Yes
Mount Type Combination C/M12 mount
Lens Length to Mount 44 mm
Lens Length (TTL) 61.6 mm

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Filter Mount Accessory

This filter mount can be added to the 410 series lenses to allow an external filter (such as band-pass or polarizing filter) to be added to the system. The filter mount works with lenses with 35mm front barrel diameter and is held in place with 3 sharp point set screws. It will accept filters with M55x0.75 threads. Filters are not provided by Theia Technologies.

Part FMT-3555: High performance aluminum filter mount for use with lenses:



Selected: MY23F

2.3mm ultra wide, no distortion, 5+ MPX, Day/Night, 1/1.8" format, Fixed iris, C mount + M12 mount